Monday, July 03, 2006

I am closing down my blog here and moving!

Hi friends,

I would be closing down my blog here and moving to a new space.

Though I would continue blogging and sharing my thoughts. Now it would be at...

Expect some posts soon. Also do leave your comments there ;-)

It was nice using for blogging and it even inspired me to start Qikblogger.



Happy Blogging!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

iNcLuSiOn of name in VoTeR LisT

I am 22 and I have still not got my name included in the voter list... oki so I am jst another youth whose not interested in politics and strongly believes 'es desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta'.

Then, you are wrong! I am jst the opposite. I am interested in politics... (anyone ready to give me a ticket(?)) and sometime in the future I may even go to the extent of the ones in Yuva... let me also say I wont do anything as bizzare as the ones in Rang de Basanti.

So what am I waiting for?

Well here it is...
I am waiting for my inclusion in the voter list by initiating the process online. I tried it last time and nothing happened. I have tried it again. Hope this time everything happens as mentioned on the website.


This is my humble appeal to everyone who sees this. Make sure that you register your name in the Electoral Voting List. If we can make a difference then why count on others. Lets CHOOSE.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


To start with I must say BarCampMumbai was as coOL as its theme 'Bindaas Geeks | Hackin over Vada Pav'

Some highlights :
  • 3 simultaneous tracks named 'VadaPav, Bhaji on the Beach and ... dnt remember the name (?)
  • I luvd the wiki scheduler at the venue. Jst stick a note with ur name and topic on the board. (I moved my my note thrice ;-) . Finally I jst let it be..... and then Tarique moved it to the best slot (first on after the lunch brk)
  • Loads of ppl who I knew bt never seen/met in person.
  • The food... :p
  • Some coOL sessions
  • My talk (...LoL! Now I can say Been there | Done that! ... a nice experience for me)
  • ... Lots more... chk the BarCampMumbai wiki for what others had to say.
  • The conference extended after sessions too. Mahesh Murthy from Pinstorm decided to drop me and Barkha home. We ended up at his office and him showing us around his coOL work place. BTW his was one of the coOLest talks at BarCamp. (Don't tell me you missed it :p)

What I presented @ BarCamp ?

TagSurfer - Extending the TagCloud

Unlike categories which are strict in nature tags are flexible. Flexibility of tags also comes from the fact that we use multiple words (keywords) to define a single item.
eg: barcamp barcampmumbai tagsurfer hacks

Now I would love to have a mechanism by which I could actually find some related content or may be jst digg some content.

TagClouds is a good way of doing it. Its intutive and looks good. But seriously its jst 1D... I click on one tag and I am jst shown entries tagged with that particular tag.

As the number of tags entries (or no. of entries in ur blogs or photoblogs ) increases one would surely need more intutive UIs than TagClouds

I did give examples of and flickr in my talk. I also commented that doesnt allow me to search for entries tagged with 'ajax and css'. Here is what I meant. If I search for 'ajax css' in the scrh box on I am given with links that are tagged with 'ajax or css' and not necessarily with 'ajax and css'. I just verified this... which I i knew bt then I hadnt done much homewrk before my talk and so didnt argue with others... (btw I still may be wrong :p). on the other hand try 'ajax on my bookmarks'... you wud be shown links and on the right presented with 'related tags' links . Now this is interesting. If i click on the small '+' sign beside scriptalous I get all the links tagged with 'ajax and scriptalous' only. (... correct me if i m wrong :)

Newways.... more importantly TagClouds are jst 1D! and there is a lot we can do to improve them...!

Proposed 'TagSurfer':

TagSurfer is a TagCloud with added functionality of surfing through the tags. Its more like getting deeper and deeper within the tagcloud.

Here is a small limited demo: *chk the right panel with heading tagsurfer. [during this post the mysql server was down..: try you luck]

  • Just hover your mouse over any of the tags... * DO Not Click :d
  • Number in brackets show the no. of entries you would find after surfing that tag
  • Superscripts show the order in which you surfed
  • Top panel with images resembling '<' - Back and 'o' reload
  • Lots of functionality could be added like if you surfed through a few tags and then clicked on one then you would be shown entries within that path only.
    eg: 'barcamp -> barcampmumbai' is what you surfed through and finally click on 'hacks' you would be shown entries tagged with barcamp and barcampmumbai and hacks

What it used:
PHP + Prototype ( ;-) Ajax )

Yup this was my first attempt to incorporate Ajax. TagSurfer needed Ajax and thats why I used it. It wasnt redundant at all.

Pradeep for allowing me to make a presentation for TagSurfer on his laptop. And Mohit, Abhishek, Atul, Ajay, Hitesh, Ajay, Narain, Kiruba, Murli and everyone who attended for making BarCampMumbai a reality and offcourse RocKiNg!!!


  • Edit the tagsurfer.php file to customize font sizes and color
  • Add <div id="tagsurfer">&ly;/div> to you template to get TagSurfer.
  • Copy the whole folder to you Wordpres directory and then enable the plugin in admin section.

There was a lots of discussion during the talk and even later. Things like 'folksonomy' to ... collaborative filtering all came up and were spoken about. Now I know what 'No spectators , Only participants' means ;-). Ppl were not only listening but were also thinking and improvising.

Hey ...still open to discussion... would surely like to hear from you.


Do wish me luck(I desperately need it )... my Final exams starting on 18th of May.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

BarCampMumbai... here i come ;-)

Would be leaving for BarCampMumbai in a few minutes. Would be showcasing TagSurfer at the un-conference. For those who hav no clue of BarCamp try >
Well, not many would know of it, me neither. Its the first time that a BarCamp would be held in town and so it would be a coOL experience for me to. Have worked hard ( 2 nights and 1 day :p.. bt i gues its lots during the time of examz).

Wish me luck.

I am sure I would find familiar faces ( ppl whom i knw (been following their blogs) bt they themselves having no clue of me... wud be strange :d)

BTW : still gotta setup everything .... guess wat still I hav to mak my presentations ... LoL

Hope things fall into place.


Friday, May 12, 2006

NiGhT MaRnAa

I feel 'NiGhT MaRnAa' comes naturally to me. I can easily relate to all nocturnal beasts.

I guess it all started during my brothers' architechture days (or may be by birth bt it was then that i realized my potential). He used to work on his sheets and I would just give him company. Later, I started night maroing to study. Its always FuN to study at night. I like the quiet around.

Presently, I have found comfort in coding(programming) at night. Well, I can code at any time of the day but its different whn I code at night.Its just me and my computer. Sometimes I even play some soft easy music in the background when I am designing (or may be whn the quiet tends to eat me). I even happen to love the sunrise. It feels so empowering to me. So, I make sure I see the sunrise and then sleep :d

So what makes me think of this...? Well, jst another routine night maroing for me. This is what I am thinking right now...

All around me I see,
Me , me and just me.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oye... LooK wat greeted me in my Inbox...!


19th April



Thanks & Regards,
Campus Recruitment Team
Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
"Akruti" 5th floor, MIDC Cross Road No 21,
MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400093
The mail is as it is... C+C C+V. The grammar and typos have not been done while copy pasting :-)
Anyways, feels gr8! Hats off to the HR Department but they need to do *something* more to impress me. ;-)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Who is GOD?

GOD is somone I would like to remeber in BAD times and thank in GOOD times.

[my answer when asked by a frnd in a chat conversation... :d]