Friday, April 22, 2005

BiRtHdAy rEMiNdErS

No this is not about my birthday...

I have this Web-Tech projet which I need to submit before 25th of this month.
We[manav and me] have selected eSync as our project topic. The main features include Birthday Reminders and Scheduled Mails.
The reason I chose this topic was bcoz I was impressed by which ppl like me highly rely on.

Workd on the project for a complete day now of which half of the time I spent on setting up a bean. And its not related to the beans we eat in anyway but take my word they are tasty .... lol

I stil have 10 hrs in which I wil have to giv this application some presentable fuctionality for it to get approved.

Hey til then take care... njoy !


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