Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well yeah ... chk these complaints out:

Hey Akshay r u alright?
- Yup, for sure !

Is that you? Cant believe it !
- Well ya I wrote them ;-)... hahaha. You want me to do something for you to believe it?

When did u start this?
- Hahahaha LoL... long time... i mean writing... bt those last two rhymes didnt take a lot of time (may be mins.) .

Oh! my kya ho gaya...
- LoL kuch nahin ... ! Pappu likhne laga...!

Who was it intended for?
- No one and everyone. For me and frnds who read my blog.

What is it about... why do u sound like that... ?
- Well its about what i feel... offcourse they are my thoughts. But it necessarily doesnt mean that I am in the same state of mind. So, anyone who is still under the impression that I am completely in that state of mind (i mean the depths of those rhymes) then please get that notion off your head. LoL

But why all this...
- Hm.... right why... >? well its jst happended nothing planned... 2 in a row LoL

- Anymore...??? Kuch baki hai kya ??? Cant think of any!!!

Well no more of black rhymes (<< hows the term?) here... (atleast for sometime now) . Will be comming up with something more interesting for you aLL... how about what I am aiming for this sem?... wanna know ? keep me a comment then !


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