Tuesday, December 13, 2005

aLLAaaHH HoOooh aKbAr aLLAaaHH ....

cant read the title... ? try again... its a morning call played in mosques on loudspeakers.

it really feels so divine to hear it(well only if you get up early... which i do on the day of my exams... LoL). considering the chilly mornings it just gets better!

i hav DSP today and i seriously hope it goes well

biSsMiLLahH !!!

[the post was made later in the day though i felt lik posting it earlier in the morning]


At 9:30 PM , Anonymous Manasi said...

It may seem weird but i have grown up listening to these prayers and relly find them quite nice . However ,i have always recieved very stern reacions for this statement from my frnds..........none of them appretiate it.

1 observation ,however.........do these ppl relly SCREAM out the prayers [ "early in the morning" syndrome ] in mumbai or is it just my imagination!!!!!!! i wonder.......

At 10:30 PM , Blogger Akky said...

"aLLAaaHH HoOooh aKbAr aLLAaaHH ...." is wat i get to hear frm my house not sure whether someone screams or its a recorded voice... bt sounds gr8.


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