Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yup, I am a SaLmAn kHaN fan!

...any guesses why I happend to make this post...?


At 1:07 AM , Blogger Akky said...

Finally, Barkha decided to help others... here are her pics

you cut your hair ?
hathapai kiya?
or did both?
dont tell me you got yourself a girlfriend named aishwarya ?
or katrina for that matter?
does this have to do something with gym or building muscles?
or someone giftedyou a tie?
did you call up someone and gave a few gaalis?
like sallu did to vivek?
you called up pehle and gave gaalis.. and fixed a time to meet to bash up the person
did you buy a bike or something?

At 11:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


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