Wednesday, September 07, 2005

LoRi in GuJuRaTi ....!

Well did take a few lesons in Gujarati.. dnt knw when ? bt i do understnd it very well now !

Chk this conversation to knw wat i m capable of >>>

chandni_thaker2002: oongh pan nathi aavti...
ak47surve: lori sunaoon kya
ak47surve: toh paku oongh avech
ak47surve: sur de ....
chandni_thaker2002: k...start
ak47surve: tume mara devalanoo geem che
ak47surve: tame mara kevalanoo ghem che
ak47surve: atyaratave amar prem che
chandni_thaker2002: lolz
chandni_thaker2002: AMAZING!!!!!
ak47surve: need bhaag gayi
chandni_thaker2002: ekdam...
ak47surve: ya continue karron
chandni_thaker2002: naaa...toh hu kaale pan nai sui saku
chandni_thaker2002: u r soooooooooo funny!!
ak47surve: LoL
chandni_thaker2002: im juzz readin ur lori again n cant stop laughin...
ak47surve: hahahaha
chandni_thaker2002: lol
chandni_thaker2002: i have literally stored ur lori...
chandni_thaker2002: on ma cell
chandni_thaker2002: oh sure im gonna laugh on it in my slep also

Will post update of Mahuli Trek that I had been to this Sunday !


At 9:44 PM , Blogger Pascal said...

Great!! Now translate that to english or marathi so that I can make some sense of it.

At 11:07 PM , Blogger Akky said...

Well it woudnt even make any sense to a gujurati even bt wud surely sound familiar to ' K ' buffs.

At 10:37 PM , Anonymous Barkha said...

lol. Sure thing. Dint make sense to me, (me being a 50% gujrati) but identified the lori with its tune. Marathi or hindi or gujrati - doesnt matter which... all mums' words sound the same - sweet.

Aint I right?


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