Saturday, May 28, 2005

ShEs HoooOOOTTTTTtttttt !!!!!!!!!

Look at her :

Amrita Thapar [get more on her here]
23, Hair and Eye Color brown, 5'8"

I never found these Miss India galz interesting at all. [well most of them]
Bt ShEs HoooOOOTTTTTtttttt !!!!!!!!!! Absolutely HoooOOOTTTTTtttttt !!!!!!!!!! HoooOOOTTTTTtttttt !!!!!!!!!! HoooOOOTTTTTtttttt !!!!!!!!!! HoooOOOTTTTTtttttt !!!!!!!!!! HoooOOOTTTTTtttttt !!!!!!!!!! HoooOOOTTTTTtttttt !!!!!!!!!!

Hey m i drifting away a lil... i guess so ! concentrate on stuies dude. better strt studying now [may be tomm]... bye

a GoOd sTaRt

The paper was good overall, could have attempted more bt newways it was fine. Looking fwd for the next paper. Lets see how i utilise da 2 days I have on my hand?

rest is fine

take care

iTs 28 May, 2005

Web Technology - 3:00-6:00

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

bE a SmArT FiNiShEr


all said and done. the PL [preparatory leave] is almost over now and just a few days to go. so wat is tat i want to say to myself now?

Be a Smart Finisher

Ya, watever is past, has already happened. What counts now is how you finish the game. Though a 'good start' is 'half da job done', a 'good finish' is 'battle won'.

Ask mom to take leave for da remaining days

LoL, this is the need of the hour. Nothing can substitute it.

Hope everything works out fine.

rest is fine

take care

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

SaMe oLd StOrY

SaMe oLd StOrY - xamz in a few days and me in a crunch situation

r xams a
total waste
lik i say
not my taste

y da hell
do i dnt grow
all these years
passed in a row

y do i wait
and acccumulate tension
waiting for some
divine intervention

may be bcoz
all i want r da marks
just to try
and escape those scars

written by -- Akky

Thursday, May 12, 2005

for PPL who are born in APRIL

Active and dynamic.

Decisive and haste but tends to regret.
Attractive and affectionate to oneself.

Strong mentality.

Loves attention.

Consoling, friendly and solves people's problems.

Brave and fearless.


Loving and caring.

Suave and generous.



Good memory.


Motivates oneself and others.
Sickness usually of the head and chest.

Sexy in a way that only their lover can see.

I have again done some copy paste tat 2 frm fwds [which i most of the time dtn njoy much]. Bt dnt knw y all this seems so close to the real me [of which even i m not so sure]. hey dnt think i m boasting of myself a lot these days its jst tat i m avoiding to write abt my horrifying encounters wid my boooks. its so frightening tat i better not metion of it here.

neways do tell me if it somewhere matches wid ME [simple jst copy paste the triats tat u find match wid me, u can also add a few of ur own]

if u wanna knw abt ur birth month even then let me knw

rest is fine

take care

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Do you attract the opposite sex???

Hey got this questionaire here:

Do you attract the opposite sex???

Hey, try it out and see how attractive you can be to the opposite sex.
1. Which place do u want to have a travel most?
A. Beijing ........................................go to q.2
B. Tokyo ........................................go to q.3
C. Paris .........................................go to q.4

2. Have you ever cried when u see a touching movie?
A. Yes......................................go to q.4
B. No..........................................go to q.3

3. If your boyfriend or girlfriend still has not come after an hour of your date with him/her, what will you do?
A. wait for another 30 mins.................go to q.4
B. leave immediately...........................go to q.5
C. wait until he/she comes..................go to q.6

4. Do u like to go to see a movie alone?
A. Yes......................................go to q.5
B. No..........................................go to q.6

5. When he/she asks for a kiss in your first date, what will you do?
A. Refuse...................................go to q.6
B. light kiss on his/her forehand...........go to q.7
C. Agree and kiss him/her...................go to q.8

6. Are you a humorous person?
A. I think I am.............................go to q.7
B. I think I am not.........................go to q.8

7. Do you think you are a capable leader?
A. Yes......................................go to q.9
B. No.......................................go to q.10

8. Which gender will you choose to be born if you are given a chance?
A. Male.....................................go to q.9
B. Female...................................go to q.10
C. I don't mind.............................Type D (go straight to results below)

9. Have you ever got more than one boyfriends or girlfriends at a time
A. Yes......................................Type B (go straight to results below)
B. No.......................................Type A (go straight to results below)

10. Do you think you are intelligent?
A. Yes......................................Type D (go straight to results below)
B. No.......................................Type C (go straight to results below)

Type A : Congratulations! You can extremely attract the opposite sex!
You possess a charming beauty in the eyes of them. You not only have a pretty figure, but also have a humorous and gentle personality. You should be a literate person and know how to get along with people and can allocate your time well, thus you are always popular among the opposite sex.

Type B : Quite good! You can easily attract the opposite sex, but you will
not easily into the loving trap. Your humor makes them want to get
along with you. He/She will be happy being with you!

Type C : Not bad! You cannot attract the opposite sex very well, but
you still have something good which make them like to get along with you.
You should be an honest person and have a unique view in seeing things.
You are quite friendly in the eyes of your friends.

Type D : Oh! You do not attract the opposite sex. You do not have much knowledge, and not much intrinsic humane values. You are too rude to the opposite sex. Thus you are not very popular among them

Is this questionaire flawed? It says i m of Type A... i m still wondering...

[hey do tell me which Type u fall into]

Monday, May 09, 2005

dA DaTeS ArE OuT

Time Table for Sem VI Computers

Web Technology
Saturday ,28th May

Advanced Database
Tuesday, 31st May

Systems Programming
Thursday , 2nd June

Operating Systems with Unix
Saturday, 4th June

Object Oriented Analysis & Design
Tuesday, 7th June

Computer Graphics
Thursday, 9th June

I can hear the bell
I can hear the bell
Now is the time
Or I may rest in hell

Sunday, May 08, 2005

ViVa RhYmE


well its the 'rhyme time' on our grps[dbit_comp_2002_06] and this one line from my side [in hindi for a chng]...

shayar likhne ke liye
peete hain,
hum likhne ke liye
viva dete hain

i m sure vivas this sem had a toll on everbody as its obvious frm the 'heartflet trueset emotions' expressed by dudes here. its more bcoz of hectic schdule rather than the difficulty of the vivas. i m sure everyone wud agree that this sem vivas have been much better that 4 sem vivas which were a disaster for everyone. well y talk abt the bad times now [comparitively better tan 4 sem] and ya this thread[... ravi tak notice of this word its gonna haunt U for a long time] is open for a debate.

Sing a song of six vivas,
i guess its worth a try.
Most of the were so bad,
that i could prolly cry.

On the first sp day,
i was living on a pray.
Sat down for the viva,
what could i do but stare?

Then along came adb,
i tried as a student can.
But for every problem,
there was selvin MAN!

For cg i took it easy,
thught that it would pass.
In the end it turned out,
to be a real mad dash..

By OOAD's time,
I couldnt really care.
But i didnt even dream that,
this badly i could fare....

Now the OS viva,
was the icing on the cake.
He was handing it out on a platter,
and yet those marks i couldnt take!!!

So now that you know my state,
You must know what i feel.
Yet i wonder, why i wonder,
why i wonder whats the deal...

well |BaSiL| its was really cooL. esp i likd the strtd 'Sing a song of six vivas' and your truly your 'truest emotions' comming thru !

mr patil was the one i dared
but he said im not prepared
although he said hes gonna gimme something free
n landed up gimme twenty three

next day i decided to carry the cross
n i met the man who says "Boss"
i showed him that answer i can
he told me "well done MAN"

they say it comes with good times
for the next viva was bad of mine
when he asked me wots multithreading
i instantly started sweating

the ball came rolling down
although prasad had a little frown
i told him wot he asked
so i hope he'll make me pass

selvins marriage is gonna be grand
but wot i feel is ooad shud be banned
for it never made any sense
while the externals hair was so un-Dense

the final day was a cool surprise
for free marks was my prize
in the end i had a cough
hey ppl plstosaykthxbye fkoff

ahem.. Ravi nice one. this part is really cool
"next day i decided to carry the cross
n i met the man who says "Boss"
i showed him that answer i can
he told me "well done MAN" "
i m sure u mst have writen these cool lines in a ziffy and plstosayitwascoolgr8overthetop fkoff !

first up was sp i thought it would be fun,
but then sp took my sp and with it he took my bum.

the next was the tamil don who always says old
but the external had other ideas and i was clean bold.

aaa the don of all dons guna, my balls were in my mouth
then the external asked me abt all versions,and my balls came running out.

a six day break how nice i thought, let me rest a bit,but then you know
how it goes and for two days i did all shit

ok so four days left for the final two so i open my cg book
but hey wait the phones ringing so i get it off the hook

O.S viva after ooad you say, i thought i should pull up my socks
but the only thing i could blurt out was my famous line,suck my cock.

the day finally comes and i rotate my square with glee
but then i go to the external and he makes me pee

now this was the pracs abt which i was told, you draw anything and it
will hold,but that stick man external motherfucking lund ka booth made
sure that i am bold.

ok now os, so i thought my balls were going to shatter but guess what
we had two cool guys and marks were handed on a platter.

'viva rhyme' was rhyme and rhemony [] and lifesucks39 [alok - wel ur id is apt for u and all enng students ] got it all right. and ya u r excused alok bcoz we needed tat dose of urs [yeh dil maange more after tat Anna scam u unearthed]. rhymes were perfect and for me the highlight was
"but the only thing i could blurt out was my famous line,suck my cock."
lookin fwd for some more rhymes frm ur side wid da fk shit tat u cook wid it!

rest is fine

take care

Thursday, May 05, 2005

OOAD -- OoYeDi

Anonymous: After performing well in CG wat next ?

Akky: Well I have OOAD and OS comming up in sucession.

Anonymous: OOAD ? [sounds like OoYeDi]

Akky: Hmm... may be bt this is one subject that interests me this semester. The most fascinating thing about it is that we can consider everything in this universe as an object. Ya and play with it like a katputali. Every object has a set of attributes more like nature of a person. We communicate with an object through interfaces it provides. Communication among ojects takes place through messages. One more analogy with us humans is that each oject has a lifecyle [create & destroy].

Anonymous: So you gonna crack this subject !

Akky: Well I didnt mean I am good at it. Liking for a particular subject allows you to ameliorate skills and take yourslef to the next level with alacrity. For this you need a platform and I dont find enginnering provides you with one. Well enough of all these thoughtful shit... the bottom line is that tommorrow pracs are going to be tough [tats wat i came to knw frm batch 1] and I m least prepared for them as always. But anyways it like it this way. Rest is fine. Take care bye. Hoping to see more of you Mr./Ms. Anonymous [wat say junta?]

Wednesday, May 04, 2005



void main() {
int gd=DETECT, gm;

initgraph( &gd,&gm,"" );

//plot the pixel


This is what we need to write just to plot a pixel [picture+element] on the screen.

Akky: Am i dreaming? Isnt this 2005 ?

Anonymous: Hey its 2005 [precisely 11:51 PM 5/4/2005] and no dream at all. Come to your senses asap bcoz tommorrow using the above basics U will need to plot lines, circles, ellipses, polygons, graphs, etc.

Akky: I hope the computer that I get has the CG programs dumped in it.

Anonymous: Best of luck !

Akky: Thanks.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

ViVaS So fAr

System Programming

Day 1:
Hero: Suryakant Patil (SP)
Leads played by: Ravi
Supporting Roles: Deena and group
In his stellar performance he won everyones heart and was the talk of the college on Day 1 of the vivas of this sem. Hey credit to SP for extending support to our CR. {at least being a CR helped him somewhere if not for the whole sem but at the end when it mattered} :d

Day 2:
Hero: Suryakant Patil and Amiya
Leads played by: Anita
It was the role of her lifetime and she clinched it with both her hands. It was just perfect not over the top, right titiminggood body-eye coordination and tears at the right time. Everything was just right and to top it she was rewarded in no time with a 23.
Amiya was gr8. The only problem was he dididn'tnknowhe syllabus but we can excuse him for tat. In all he looked natural and also that his voice modulation and pronunciation was better tan SP.


Advanced DataBase Mgmt Sys
Day 1:
Hero: Selvin Raj & External
Leads played by: Ravi {performance below avg}
Surprisingly everything went well for him. Wat man! we were deprived of his emotional fire power on tat day. Hats off to Selvin to maintain his calm and just let things happen w/o creating waves.
3 cheers for the External. It was the best performance by and external so far, very natural and unassuming.

Day 2:
Hero: Selvin Raj & External [again]
Leads played by: Elza, Nikita & Akshay
Elza was so in her character that Selvin asked her to wash her face and come back. Nikita got her few mins of fame when she shed a few tears but its wasn't up to the mark. She fell a lil short in terms of the sheer emotions.
Selvin made a good comeback when he came out and asked Nikita not to cry and all bcoz he gonna take care of the marks.
Finally i did feature somewhere. I always wanted to be on Walk the Talk [NDTV 24x7].. i guess there is still sometime before u guys see me there, But here I was doing the same with Selvin asking me questions [internal vivas] while walking in the corridor. Vivas were over by the time we reached his table and i signed the attendance and asked me to go home and study for WT. Felt like a celebrity for a few seconds when he was asking me questions. It was fun !


Web Technology
Day 1:
Hero: Guna Shekhar & External
Leads played by: Ravi [again]
Guna got his act together when it mattered. His performance surpassed Nana Patekars performance in Khamoshi. We never knew Guna cud deliver this stellar of a performance.
The external had forgot his script at home i guess. He messed it all up and made a mockery of the job entitled to him. He was uttering words from some internal profs script.
Also Ravi had his few seconds of limelight on the hot seat. I never knew that multi-threading is used in forums. Now even i believe the same. Thanks for that Ravi. I m sure when u would reply to this mail you would extend the thread that i have created.

Day 2:
Hero: Guna Shekhar & External
Leads played by: Sree
Finally an external of Mumbai University was certified as PAI-9001 ...
Ya Sree was impressed by the externals knowledge about the subject esp the discussion they had during the vivas. May be tats the reason the external was awarded the PAI-9001 certification.