Thursday, July 21, 2005

LiFe is jSt gEtTiNg mOrEe bOrInGg


yup life is geting more boring this sem.

...all bcoz of me.

time to get my act together!

gotta focus on things i wAnNA dO !


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

my rEsULTs R oUt. gOt 65%

Hey aLL my results are out.

got 65%. feels good bt also scary.

scary bcoz once again it was less efforts and more mrks.

someone rightly said 'Engineering is not Hardwork, its jst Cleverwork'.

this is wat I feel when it comes to engg. examz...

Its simple,
to pass in engineering,

Its even simpler,
to get a KT.

Realizing this 'simple' thing makes a hell lot of difference in your approach and it is this approach which defines an individual.

AlL in all its been a gr8 year... and a good start to da Final Year as welll

I already have a list of things ready to try in this final year. Will wrk hard for them !

Hey not to forget... thnks everyone for praying for me... [I m sure u did pray for me] UR goodwishes sure did count. Thnks so mch.

Rst is fine

Take care.