Saturday, January 28, 2006

EnTeRiNg tHe MoNKeY WoRLd

Finally I did pay a visit to Monkeyworld(read Greasemonkey) after enough speculation.

It didn't take time for me to write M$Killer after going through a few examples on

Intructions for use:

  1. Get Firefox.
  2. Install Greasemonkey. (Restart Firefox)
  3. Open M$Killer script in the browser.
  4. Choose Tools-> Install this User Script
  5. Tat's it!
To test the script Search Microsoft on Google

For the uninterested what this script does is simple... replaces the text 'Microsoft' with 'M$' in the browser window. It is for people having a problem with the name 'Microsoft'. Surprisingly, I am not one of them!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Jai hiNd

Our righteous toil is our guiding light,
If we work hard, we all can prosper.
Nurture great thoughts, rise up in actions,
May righteous methods be our guide;
May the nation prosper ever with Almighty’s grace.

Monday, January 23, 2006

To gO OR NoT To gO ?


Q: Are u missing college?
A: Yes ! and No.

Q: Do you have other things to do?
A: Yes! Many...

Q: Do you do them atleast?
A: No !

Q: How long hav you not been to college?
A: Around 3 weeks now.

Q: Is anything substantial covered in college?
A: No (may be..?)

Q: Why do you want to go to colege?
A: I am concerned abt my attendance.

Q: Any other reason you want to go to college?
A: Cant think of any. I guess I dont wat to think of it!

Q: Is it too far?
A: I feel its far.

Q: Why?
A: Just not in the habbit of travelling all the way to college now. BTW I knw can also run all the way to college ;-)............. hahhaah LoL.

Q: What about next week?
A: May be will attend. Otherwise would be tough convincing profs abt me being in VIIIsem CE.

[Please leave comments abt what you feel...?]

Saturday, January 21, 2006


I will be conducting a workshop in UMIT, Santacruz at 9:30am on Morphing (images) using Adobe Photoshop and it would be probably attended by atleast 100 students considering the enormous response the registration has recieved. Initially the workshop was to be conducted last semester but due to other prior appointments (;-) it didnt materialise.

By the way many more than 100 registrations have been recieved. Also, the other thing to note here is that Saturday being a holiday, if even 100 students (or for that matter 50) do make it for the workshop then it would surely be surprising for everyone including me.

Now, this is my BIG* day... hope I dont screw up.

Things I need to look out for:

  • Be on time... OR atleast try to.
  • Keep my ONE liners to myself and better concentrate on the topic.
  • Don't go overboard and jst show ppl fireworks and not show them the techniques to create them.
  • I also need to define what I am giong to cover. I hope everyone who attends the workshop feels more confident after attending it.

Things I need to seriously worry about:

  • Control my nerves... now this is going to be tough bcoz I would be the only male among 50-60 girls (per batch) in the lab.
  • Girls...girls and more girls. ( bachaaaaooOOoo)
  • Hope I get to see few familiar faces around... otherwise it is gonna be tough. If you are reading this then do come down and say hi. (acha lagta hai...)

*BIG- considering its the first time I am conducting a workshop in some other college

Update: Will update this place once I come from the workshop...

Wow I am back !

Just to put in on record I was a little(15 mins) late but then everyone was and so it wasnt embarassing at all. Sejal(UMIT CSI chair) did ask me to meet her at the ITW(Institute of Technology for Women) entrance and there I was standing quietly having no idea who she was. Though I was sure to recognised her as I had seen her during the Robotics competition in our college but wasnt sure which one of the four girls she was as we not formally introduced to eachother then. Finally, there I was gazing at my own creation on the notice board (logo of Colosseum poster) and jst wondering when Sejal would show up and take me to the karmabhoomi. And there she was walking camly towards me and I didnt take time to realize that it was her. We said our Hi's and she asked me if I would lik to see Barkha and I readily agreed. (BTW was good to meet you Barkha after so long...! and Nikita after so so so long...!!! Was wondering wher she was all this while...? No contact at all.. not even offlines? Didnt meet anyone else...). Later, she took me straight to the CC2 lab, well its the same lab where I had participated in the WebD competitions for the past two years(that means effectively spent 9 hours thinking in the same lab). Met Neha there. We hadn't met before but knew eachother(LoL). So sweet of her for making sure that I dnt get bored up there.

Now it was around 10:15 and everyone started assembling in the lab. I was so skeptical of ppl turing up on a Saturday for a workshop but then they did and soon the lab was on the brink of being overflown. It was hard for me to be inside waiting for them to get settled. So, there I was peeking at notice boards and calming myself down. Just to point the fact that final year student projects there were much more interesting then ones in our college.

Now it was time for me to start the workshop. Sejal gave a brief introduction about me stressing on the following keywords... frm DBIT, won webD competitions, now placed in Patni (this was a shocker). The workshop I would say was very typically ME... saying so bcoz I lik it if there is no script to stick to and everything jst bulids up as it needs to.

The first batch ended up at 12 and it was tiring. Was served a paneer frankie at the end of it which was much needed bt then made me feel a bit lazier. The first batch kept me on my toes all the time bcoz it was full and everyone I felt was entusiastic while the second batch was soft, coOL and laid back.

Did read the feedback sheet which was passed after the wrkshop and it was satisfying to say the least. Overall I must say it was a fulfilling experience for me and keep looking for more such opportunities in other colleges too.

Finally, my sincere thanks to Neha and Sejal for inviting me. It surely is a memorable experience... thnx so so much.


Monday, January 16, 2006

FrAmEd 4 LiFe...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

i DiD iT

Oh...yaah I must say its been a very good start to the new year. Saying this because finally I did play for my class football team as a goalkeeper. I played with the likes of Adolph (our captain, stopper and a brusque at heart), Melvin (ace defender), Bosco (defender and a show-off purist...;-), Biju (strong kicker), Steve (ace shooter) Darryl (stinger) and Ravi (our striker with a Golden leg... atleast i feel so but the records say a different story altogether).

I did hav to mak a statement in the game... I am far better than Revin and Ryan previous year goal-keepers but nothing was more important than winnning the game for my team. All I wanted to do was not to let the ball anywere closer to the goal.

The game began with the goal in first 2 seconds... yup guys 2 secs or may be lesser. Biju kicked the ball from the center starting position right into the goal of the opponent team. Just imagine the faces of the opponents and the people watching the game... esp the goal-keeper.

The rest of the game was full of excitement as the opponents continuously trying to equalize. I did make quite a few daring saves and one super-save which everyone appreciated even the audience. Finally, the opponents equalized with two minutes for the whistle from a continuous second attempt at the goal and me making a full dive to my left but to no avail. We lost in the penalty shoot-outs later.

I m sure the marks of the dive would remain with me for a couple of weeks now and these memories forever...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

CoLLeGe pUkAaR RaHa hAi

My college re-opend on 2nd January but I m stil not convinced about this. I need someone to convince me it did and I better attend college. Also it's not that I m not making any efforts to rejoin college after my vacations. I did make two short appearances in college but both just made me realize the fact that I am going to waste my time attending college. I don't find it worth travelling all the way to college. To top it all we have got half-days for the first two weeks. I would for sure love to do some creative work here at home but even that is far from what I land up doing. Decided to attend college tommorrow but it would be more for the website of the upcomming college fest Collosseum '06 rather than the lectures. My first appearance in college(after the lectures got over) did work out well as I designed the logo for Colosseum '06 (will show it to you all too... soon). Everyone seemed to love it. Principal and Father Marion appreciated it too with a speacial mention of the concept I managed to portray. Hpe tommorrow is a good day too. Amen.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman! Yes, it's Superman

Facts in Chronological order:

Was never into reading comics but did watch Superman series on VCR multiple times. He was my only SuperHero.

Mom gifted me Superman IV - (featuring Sun Man) on one of my birthdays. (it was long time back)

Frnds in my college call me Superman:
Ravi is the ONE who started it. This is what he had to say abt it later whn he posted on our yahoogroups:
well .... i felt this fella looked like superman and so i started
calling him superman. since then this guy has been called
Then on, I sign the mails on our yahoogroups as "SoOoPerMaN" ;-)

Mom once out of the blue told me that I lookd lik Christopher Reeves. (whn he expired and his pics were all over the papers)

The wallpaper on my cell is that of Superman >>> 'S'

Now this Survey:
You are Superman
Iron Man
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
The Flash
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

What do you have to say???
What does your Superhero Personality Quiz have to say about u???

Sunday, January 01, 2006

ReSoLuTiOnS for 2006

I believe one doesnt have to wait for 1st Jan to make resolutions, any time is just appropriate as long as you stick to them. Though I feel making resolutions on the 1st is always simpler. Feels like leaving behind everything you did and starting afresh. I knw a lot of people do avoid making resolutions not because they don't have any but jst because they(even me) can't stick to them. The only thing I want them(and even me) to knw is:
There is no harm in making a conscience effort towards your goal, unless you don't want to achieve it.

So here is my list:
  • NOT to remain invisible on messenger anymore. (LoL, i knw being invisible was annoying to quite a few(i guess aLL) ppl. Sorry for the same.)

[Will update this soON, also not mentioning the personal ones!]