Sunday, September 25, 2005

TrEk to Mahuli

Treks are FuN!
Even more FuN if they are unplanned lik this one!

Chk these pics out !

Well pics can no way let you experience what we did bt jst giv u a faint idea of wat was there.

Some higlights of the trek:

Trek was cancelled.

I tld Amit I wanna go there wid my frnds... can I mak it? He was assertive as always and in sometime called back and confirmed that even he would come. It was 8pm now. We decided if no one else is coming then we would surely go ahead with the trek. I tried getting in Sankool,Swapnes and Manav. Manav agreed instantly... he was all exxcited to come for a trek.. his first one.

I did my usual research the same night like i always do. It comes in handy.

Got up in the morning.. packd bags and reached goregaon stn before time very mch lik me... on time when it matters(so now you kne y i m late to college). Manav arrived late bt its fine I never mind ppl comming late. Reached Dadar and then boarded Kasara fast local. In the mean time Amit called and we was going to board the train from Kalyan which he did. Introduced Manav to him and started having a jugalbandi of dialouges on eachother ... makin fun of myself and others. Reached Asangaon by 9:30am as we planned.

The trek started with a long walk on the tracks. Amit and Manav took a halt to chng clothes (strip in front of villagers pasing by on the track) on a platform. I gues it was there jst for them.

After the tracks it was a walk on a tar road upto the base village. We did order for food and asked for Pitla-Bhakri esp. bcoz its the best to have @ sch a place.

Started the trek... need not say it was luch greeen everywhere with beautiful flowers around.

The trek was divided in 3 phases: walk upto the river (which was more like a stream then) - trek trail of rock cut steps - fairly easy climb

Manav did pretty well to match up wid us not to mention the words of encouragement and misleading facts that we kept on disclosing about the distance left and time left etc. so that he keeps going and we come back on time.

Did discuss a lot of things... usual marathi words that I m not aware of and Amit who keeps on using them... other trek exps... howtos for manav... todo and nottodos.... likes dislikes... atmosphere... historical facts (by amit) ... and ya also 'Jay gunj' to be sung while entering the fort. Amit taught me this it goes like...

Gou Brahman Pratipalak
Kshatriya Kulavatounse
Shri Shivaji Maharaj Ki Jay

Well it took me a long time to byheart it. It solved 2 purposes one being I would get to do the honours (singing it at teh entrance) and irritating Amit by repeating it continuously.

Met felow trekkers on the way.. fells good when u meet them bcoz u knw u r on the right path.

Final stage had this lader ( shidi ) .. there were 2 infact and new one and the pld one.

It was really cold out there... winds blowing at high speeds. Spent some time arnd saw the caves, entrance around and then sat beside a water tank for havin few snacks that we had carried.

Finished everything and then started the descent. The descent was speedy and simple. We njoyed it.

The icing on the cake was a waterfall of which we came to knw later by other fello trekkers who had been there. U can chk the pics to see how beatiful the waterfall was. Bahut maramari kiya. Amit and Manav ne milke mujhe bahut paani pilaya ... sari trek ki bhadas nikal de.. ( bahut paani pilaya)

Even though we didnt wat to leave that place we had to and we did leave it after about an hour. Reached da village house where we had ordered for food, ate it and started for Asangaon. Wittnessed da striptease again by Amit and Manav on the same platform ... GOD y me only! LoL

Hey also got to see a firefly on the track !

The train was waiting jst for us .. ddint see anyonw else on the platform except the driver one in the compartment either. got the tickets and the train started... dhk dhk dhk.... !

Listened to music while in the train.. chkd the pics again (well all the pics were taken from Amits cell.. coudnt believe we wud get sch fine quality pics) Hey theres this video in his cell too whn i had removed my T-shirt.. the t went witht the flow of the water and me runnign behind it (well its the retak tat he shot)

Said the final goodyes to Amit and man main thnk Us bcoz he made the terk worthwile.

Need not say at the end that every trek exp. is unforgetfull and cant be put in words for U.

[hey anyone interestd in trekking do leave a comment or get in touch ...I wudnt mind giving u a call when i plan my next]

hey its been long since my last update !!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Its been raining heavily for the last 2 days especially during nights.
I do have a welcome visitor at home though.
Its a reflection... no Its an illusion... no no ... Its a firefly !

Yup its a firefly. Looks awesome ! A small greenish-yellow bulb moving and flying around. Coudnt stop staring at it. I have see fireflies when I have been to treks (everywhere on trees at night in Peth and on railways tracks when I had been to Mahuli).

I have also seen jugnoos at Juhu Beach long long back. I still remember dat site of a boundary formed at the edge of the beach in the evening after sunset.(Can anybody confirm whether Jugnoos and fireflies are the same creatures?) I remember me and my brother collecting a few of them in a bottle, bringing them home and waiting dedicatedly for them to glow which they never did.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

LoRi in GuJuRaTi ....!

Well did take a few lesons in Gujarati.. dnt knw when ? bt i do understnd it very well now !

Chk this conversation to knw wat i m capable of >>>

chandni_thaker2002: oongh pan nathi aavti...
ak47surve: lori sunaoon kya
ak47surve: toh paku oongh avech
ak47surve: sur de ....
chandni_thaker2002: k...start
ak47surve: tume mara devalanoo geem che
ak47surve: tame mara kevalanoo ghem che
ak47surve: atyaratave amar prem che
chandni_thaker2002: lolz
chandni_thaker2002: AMAZING!!!!!
ak47surve: need bhaag gayi
chandni_thaker2002: ekdam...
ak47surve: ya continue karron
chandni_thaker2002: naaa...toh hu kaale pan nai sui saku
chandni_thaker2002: u r soooooooooo funny!!
ak47surve: LoL
chandni_thaker2002: im juzz readin ur lori again n cant stop laughin...
ak47surve: hahahaha
chandni_thaker2002: lol
chandni_thaker2002: i have literally stored ur lori...
chandni_thaker2002: on ma cell
chandni_thaker2002: oh sure im gonna laugh on it in my slep also

Will post update of Mahuli Trek that I had been to this Sunday !