Monday, April 25, 2005

xAmS fRoM tOmM

Ya this is the finale... its here !

Tommorow I wil be having my external vivas.
Havent still got the feel of this sem. But I m sure will get it tomm in front of the external xaminer.

Pray for me !

Allah huh akbar alllaah.......................

Friday, April 22, 2005

FiRsT rECiPe oN < mY bLOg >

You read it right... My FiRsT rECiPe oN <> ! This was about to come for me being a complete foodie.

"Andeka Funda" -- the perfect half boil

I remember eating a half boil when I was small. My dad would make it for me. That was years ago and after many unsucessfull attempts I have finally again got ir right. Let me share the recipe wid u all

Ingredients: Egg, turmeric and salt (to taste)

Procedure: Put the egg in warm water and keep the utensil on the stove. Just when it is about to boil switch of the stove and keep the egg in the water for 30 seconds. Now place the egg in cool water for a few seconds so that you can handle it. Now catch the egg with its base (the flatter side) on the top. Just rupture the shell big enough so that you can get a spoon in. Now put turmeric and salt through the hole, mix it up and njoy it.

Signs that you have got it all right : A very thin white part which looks cooked (lik a boiled egg) and the yellow part just tickled by the flame.

Cooking is fun as long as I dont have to do it everyday [hats off to all moms]... lol

signing off !

BiRtHdAy rEMiNdErS

No this is not about my birthday...

I have this Web-Tech projet which I need to submit before 25th of this month.
We[manav and me] have selected eSync as our project topic. The main features include Birthday Reminders and Scheduled Mails.
The reason I chose this topic was bcoz I was impressed by which ppl like me highly rely on.

Workd on the project for a complete day now of which half of the time I spent on setting up a bean. And its not related to the beans we eat in anyway but take my word they are tasty .... lol

I stil have 10 hrs in which I wil have to giv this application some presentable fuctionality for it to get approved.

Hey til then take care... njoy !

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

iT's mY BiRtHdAy !!!

Its my birthday....

I was born on 19th April, 1984 @ 1:02 PM

So i guess its still not my birthtime.

I feel its foolish to wait for the New Year to make those resolutions. Afterall everyone knows what happens to resolution do i need to say it ! Anyways I make them and Birthday is a good time to make some. So I did think of few. GOD knws how long I shall follow them.

Things were tough the last week, had to complete those submissions alongwith the journal work which I managed to do on the day of the submissions and also helping mamta for her BE project work. The comming week is going to be even tougher bcoz of mock vivas and proj submissions. I remember this famous quote frm some commentrator during the Ind Vs Pak series

"When the going gets tough, The tough gets going

I indentify with it. I can feel it in me when thnigs are not working. I guess all the engg students do feel the same. Afterall the engineering students are best suited crisis managers.

I have already substantially cut down my hours on the computer. Now I use it only for proj wrk. Don't worry... this place will be always updated.

rest is fine

take care

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

15 XpErIMeNtS in 5 hOuRs.

Completed 15 experiments in a span of 5 hours. It was tiring and boring. Anyways completed a lot of pending work.

We have most of our submissions in this week itself. Hope they happen soon and I can start studying.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

LuCkY - no time for studies [my luckiest day]

Today was the luckiest day in my life... [read more to knw y?]

Riyaz called me in the morning and asked whether I was free and would like to see Lucky. Though I had decided that I would study today and start the web-tech project being a Salman Khan fan I accepted. He called in sometime and confirmed the booking of tickets in 24Karat for the 3'O Clock. I did study for a hour or so and then had lunch. Reached the theatre just on time. Riyaz and his senior from the same college were waiting. I had paarked my Kinetic outside the theatre like I have been doing for all the times I have been to 24K. We stood there outside waiting for Riyaz's another frnd who was his junior. Even he arrived in sometime and we got in. Didnt miss the start of the story except the start of the first song "Lucky Lips".

The movie was good. I liked it, especially Salman Khan hes got his composure back. A sure watch for the Salman Khan fans.

After the movie got over my Luck began to shine...

My Kinetic got pickd up:
When we came out of the theatre we were making plans hanging out somewhere since we had 2 bikes. But then outside my Kinetic was missing. I was shocked bcoz it wasnt No Parking but Parking at owners risk. So I never thoguht that the traffic police wud hav pickd it up. For a second I thought that someone robbed it. But then we saw the chalk marking which tell you the vehicle no and the location from where we could pick the vehicle from. Riyaz got his Sumo and we all went to Andheri to get my Kinetic back. They fined me 200 bucks which was a lot.
Here I was lucky bcoz "They had taken it to Andheri and not somewhere far away. "

Then I did park it at Andheri PayNPark near the station and then went around the town with Riyaz in his Sumo.

Petrol got over:
While returing Riyaz left me near Andheri Flyover from where I pickd up my kinetic and headed towards goregaon. Did a brief stop at jogeshwari to return Riyaz's helmet which I was wearing jst to aaviod giving anymore fines. I did have some work near Patkar college so I decided to compelte it even though it was 9:45pm or so. Now on my way the petrol got over. Thought this never happend before with me [actually this day was spl bcoz nothing of this had happnd wid me before like getiing fined and all (ti had happnd wid my bro more than once)] now I had to get some petrol from somewhere. I removed this bottle which is always present in the front basket and started walking. The colosest petrol pump was 10-15 mins away.
Here I was lucky bcoz "The petrol pump was jst 15 mins aways and I had this bottle wid me."

Burnt my bedsheet:
When I did come home I had to recieve this shouting frm my parents that I sud hav called and all ... bt actually I was in no mood to do so bcoz all this had happnd. When I told them wat all had happnd even they got a lil soft.. jst a lil haa ! But then my mom started shouting on my bcoz I had kept the iron ON and thus had burnt the bedsheet. At this pint I closed my ears. I coudnt hear all this.
Here I was lucky bcoz "No fire broke out...! "

Bed collapsed:
I have this foldable bed which I sleep on. I like it bcoz one its desingd my by bro and the other that I easily fit on it. In summer I hav this habbit of pulin it under the fan and then sleeping. I did the same and switchd the lights OFF and went to sleep. Within seconds I was on the ground with a louud bang. I was motionless for a 15-20 seconds and trying to come to my senes about wat all was happeing wid me that very day.
Here I was lucky bcoz "No one woke up and I was not hurt in anyway."

Friday, April 08, 2005

iMpOrTaNcE oF 40

Sachin n Kumble are Batting

Kumble hitz a ball towards long-off and his scores
reaches 40. Suddenly Kumble is seen waving his bat
towards crowd and he is extremely jubilant.

Sachin asks him surprisingly “Hey ur score is neither
50 nor 100”!! Why are you waving your bat n why are
you so haapy???”

Kumble answers:
Only Engineers can understand the importance of 40 !

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

mY NaTiVe pLaCe

We had hired a car to go to Mangaon my native place [near Raigad]. We were seven of us [me, mama, pappa, kaka, kaki, atya and vishal(cousin who has jst given his tenth)]. The journey started late and this time it was not bcoz of me bt the driver.
The road was enjoyable after Panvel though there was not a lot of greenery around.
Reached our destination by noon. Had a lot of cleaning work to do bt left it to the ladies... lol.

Our house is big considering the no of rooms and their size. The best thing about it is the greenery that surrounds it. You can find most of the popular varieties of fruits here... namely coconut,bananas,kajus,Mangoes, pineapples, jackfruits,gauvas,tamarind,amla and few more bcoz i m sure i mst have missed some. All credit to my Grandpa whom we used to call Anna[the visualizer] and Grandma[the supporter] who are no more and I must say we all love them and that I can still feel their presence and guiding force behind us. They used to live here till last year and had developed this place looked after it... one reason being that we (all Mumbaites) could come during vacation and spend time here.

Had a lot of fun there which I always do.. and more so bcoz of Vishal who had jst finishd his tenth and was eager to njoy every bit of this experience. Tried my hand at climbing like I always do and also had some bruises here adn there. Helped Vishal climb for a chng bcoz hes not more into brking the norms set by his mother.

Spent some time alone thinking about how I could do my bit in maintaing this beautiful place and after a few years develop it. I still remeber when I had been here last time [2 yrs back] had spent a lot of time with Grandpa to knw what his plans were. Wanna do a lot for this place. Have so many fond memories associated with it which makes me senti whn I think of it.


I will do my best to maintain and develop it !

Saturday, April 02, 2005

tHe GaMe CoNtInUeS...

If you feel I would go all out on 1st then its not true. I can go all out on any damn day... wont miss any opportunity to play pranks... hahahah !

Was sitting in SP pracs after a month or so... though I m not behind anyone considereing the number of programs others have done. Sampada had put my proxy the last time when I had been to Fr. Agnels. Datta is our prof who handles our pracs and is the one who always boasts a dead pan like face [no expressions nothing at all]. I m afraid of these kinda ppl bcoz u never know whats on their mind. By the end of the prac Datta noticd that my sign was on the attendance bt not on the register which is maintained.. He summoned me and asked the reason why my name was not on the register. I bluntly [these days I am shameless when it comes to getting attendance] said I have no knwoledge of all this. The other twist was that even Manav had signed and even he had come wid me to Agnels.. and even he was caught. Prajakta who was sitting beside me also raised voice in my favour and said that I was present for the last pracs and we had completed this program which we had shown sometime back. Though as always we cudnt figure wat was goning on in his mind and we continued our programming. The fun strtd laterrrr........

1st Bakra [Sampada]
After the pracs got over I was still sitting at the terminal and programming [jst to show that I am sincere]. Later Dataa said that he had to close the pracs room.. and asked me to save watever I had done. It was then that I thoguht about this...
I went up to the classroom and made a real tense face though smiling [everyone knws that I have this habbit of smiling even under pressure] and informed Sampada tat Datta has caught the proxy and that I had to tell him that she was the one who had signed for me ! Though at first she couldnt believe it but in no time I managed to convince her. Unknoingly prjakta helpd me in doing so as she had spread this news of Datta questioning me abt this everywhere and that noe everyone in class was getting involved. The next thing I remeber is that me and Sampada were discussing wat we had to say and all before goin in the SP lab which was noe closed .... U mst hav seen how tense she was.

2nd Bakra [Prajakta]
Now on our way back .... Sampada had a lot to say about this prank bt I had alredy started thinkin of a new one. Now Prajakta was on the cards. Sampada agreed to be party to this bcoz may be she wantd some company... lol .
I asked Samapad to go to class and get Prajakta down as Datta was calling her bcoz she had lied to him that Akshay was present for the last weeks pracs. I was standing there outside the closed door of the lab which was closed and no one coule make out this from far. As Prajakta and Sampada were approaching the door I ran towards them and tld them that Daatta is angry and better not go in front of him. I could see the tension on Prajaktas face already. Then again we discussed this strategy jst to make sure that we all giv the same reasons for all this. After creating enough tension we split the beans jst before entering the closed lab.

So had my fair dose of pranks on everyone this time... LoL


Would be going to my native place on Sunday and then returning back on Monday night. Lots of work to be done there and then again college on Tuesday which I may bunk bcoz I havent touched my journals for the past two weeks and no point in facing the profs without the expreiments.

Friday, April 01, 2005

yA rIgHt pLz bEaWaRe... [ 1st April ]

Like always 31st March is a day to plan the strategy. This time was no different and I did well. Had a couple of plans in place.

1st Bakra:
As always the first prank was on Shwetha. Not sure how I am able to convince her each time [twice in a row]. Again I gave her a call and told her that I would be coming to her college for some CSI work [gr8 excuse] and would meet her.
{ Got the review of the prank by night. She had come to my place the same night and had a lot to say about the prank. She was even trickd by some of her frnds tat I was waiting down at the gate ... lol }

2nd Bakra:
Tried something new on Rina mam and Kevin Sir. I told them that I had made a template for the DBIT website and which was well appreciated by Principal and Father ..... lol and gave them this address for the preview

3rd Bakra:
I hadnt been to college on 31 and Prajakta bechari had submitted my examination form of 6th sem. Today I called her and told her that Kirti [xamination inchrg] had called me and ask me the reason why hadnt I submitted the form still. I tried to convince her that my form has got misplaced. Didnt spill the beans yet.

4th Bakra:
Had created a goood backdrop of me comming to UMIT for CSI wrk [GOD knws how many places I can be on 1st]. Hey but couldnt follow it up because was busy during the break.

So everyone just beaware when its 1st April and I m around...

...the Game Ends.