Saturday, December 31, 2005

fLaShBaCk>> 2005

IDeas'05 memories
nO i AiNt bUsY nOw!
tHiS wAs bOuNd To HaPpeN oNcE (loss in webD)
finally ......... Mandrake is BaCk
CResCEndo -- a good end to this season
finally... someone did post a comment !
hApPy HoLi
i M iN dEsPrAtE nEeD oF hELp (poetry)

ideas, ideas and more ideas... yup iDeas05 jst rockd for me... still can't get it out of my head!
yA rIgHt pLz bEaWaRe... [ 1st April ]
tHe GaMe CoNtInUeS...
mY NaTiVe pLaCe
iMpOrTaNcE oF 40
LuCkY - no time for studies [my luckiest day]
15 XpErIMeNtS in 5 hOuRs.
iT's mY BiRtHdAy !!!
BiRtHdAy rEMiNdErS
FiRsT rECiPe oN <>
xAmS fRoM tOmM

played all sorts of pranks on april foOLs day and continued playing for another couple of days. month ended with boring submissions...
ViVaS So fAr
OOAD -- OoYeDi
ViVa RhYmE
dA DaTeS ArE OuT
Do you attract the opposite sex???
for PPL who are born in APRIL
SaMe oLd StOrY
bE a SmArT FiNiShEr
iTs 28 May, 2005
a GoOd sTaRt
ShEs HoooOOOTTTTTtttttt !!!!!!!!!

somethin i jst LUV... ViVas !!! couldn't get my eyes off Amrita Thapar... LoL. though me not thinking of her anymore.
yEh kYa Ho RaHa Hai
i LuV ChAtANi bt NoT PaTaNi
eVeNtFulL wEeK
WeLL , patni gOt LuCkY i gUeSs !
cAmPuS PlAcEmEnT @ DBIT for Patni

got placed... hippiee!!! cheers!!! (<< for ppl who feel i m fortunate... for others (including ME) theres still good news abt to come)

my rEsULTs R oUt. gOt 65%
LiFe is jSt gEtTiNg mOrEe bOrInGg

results OUT... nothing more to rejoice. 26/7 happens. Jst cant forget abt 26/7... i bet no one can. its not jst 26/7 bt the whole week which was not jst a learning experience... but a life changing experience.
Hats off to Spirit of Mumbai!
hApPy iNdEpEnDeNcE DaY
i LiKe...
sHrEe gAnEsHaYaa nAmaAhAa...
MaMmU mst now have reached US

jst tried to sum-up things 'i LiKe' bt fell short of words... will try and complete it sometime. my only sister mamta left for US.
LoRi in GuJuRaTi ....!
hey its been long since my last update !!!
TrEk to Mahuli

Oye! another TrEk... with Amit and Manav to paradise.
Kshana - Moments of Celebrityhood
|| Shree Ganeshay Namah ||
I m ...
am i wrong...
Placement Activity
NeW LoOK... Hows iT ?

did experience first hand how celebrities would feel whn their fans go crazy!!! SchooL_Friends jst started buzzing with mails from everyone immedialtely after a wake-up call from Akshata. Did indulge in writing some very depressing black thoughful rhymes...LoL (well not as bad as i put it)

SoMeThInGs... sPeCiAL. about DiWaLi moORNing
iTZz SMS tiMe !
ViVaS So diFFeReNt yEt sO SoMiLaR
SaMpLe sAys...
pLaNs... pLaNs and more pLaNs
Qikblogger is launched !!!
CoUnTdOwN already started...
pLz dRaW a LiNe...
cAn U SpOt tHe DiFfErEnCe
CoUnTdOwN continues...
CoUnTdOwN still continues...
a DaNgErOuS GaMe iS aBoUt tO BeGiN...
Intelligent Systems

Diwali...preparatory leave... vivas... countdown to the xamz. hey i m 6ft. now LoL DiD U SpOt tHe DiFfErEnCe??? Qikblogger is launched... now this is news.
Advanced Miroprocessor
MaStEr bLaStEr...!!!
aLLAaaHH HoOooh aKbAr aLLAaaHH ....
Digital Signal Processing
Mobile Computing
Software Engineering
MuMbAi oN ThE RuN
TrEk to Mahuli again
ScHoOL_FrIeNdS just get CoNnEcTeD
TrEk ki YaAdEiN DoStOnKi zUbAaNi...
fLaShBaCk>> 2005

all those xamz... sachin's 35th test ton... preparing for Mumbai Marathon 2006... aWeSoMe trek to Mahuli with SchooL_Friends... so so wonderful to get in touch with school friends again.

So wattasay?? Wasn't 2005 mEmOrAbLe!!! It sure was and thnks to my blog I could relive those moments once again jst reading thru the posts.

Just reminds me of the scene in Bluffmaster when Boman Irani questions Roy(Abhi) [though cant recollect it completely but bhavanaonko samjho]: Tumhe kya kya yaad hai... voh tumhara pehla suit... pehli ghadi... har voh choti choti baat jo tumhare dil ko chu gayi... kya tumhe yaad hai". For me this question would be pretty simple to answer... LoL well aLmOsT!

Friday, December 30, 2005

TrEk ki YaAdEiN DoStOnKi zUbAaNi...

Hey... thought of writing abt the trek bt better let me share with you aLL how we (I+Friends) felt abt the TrEk...


Hi guys................

Hope i am the first to reciprocate after the treckin expeditions....not coz i am too longin or desp to be the one to begin or be the frst to comment.............but like i tried sleepin .n as i shut my eyez....wat i cld see were those descedin steps of Mahuli.........found my self figurin out my way dwn those steps evn in my for a change i'll initiate the chain................:)

Hi all,
This was my first trek eva... Haven't been on any treks before... I'm
waiting desperately for the photographs...
I will write about the moments that i will recollect when i close my eyes
and which i'll never forget..
1.My going back home as soon as i arrived to get the battery...( yaar video
ke bina trip adhura lagta)
2.Asangaon to mahuli walk... I feel if we hadn't walked this
stretch,everyone wud have reached top with less pain...
3.Akshay mummy being so over-concerned
4.Clearing accounts all the way
5.Nikita's screaming
6.Those breaks that we took in the shades
7.THE CALL when we scaled it
8.Touching the flag
9.Water of the Talav.. Truly heaven
10."Nahin jaana hai" Rock
11 Lunch at the top(Frankly how many times you've had lunch at a height of
around 2000m)
12.The descent
13.Singing all the way up.
14.Irritating everyone wid my singing,camera and stupid comments
15.When i saved akshay and akshat from slipping(hehe nothing juss happened
i'm makin it sound more anecdotal)
16.Drawing out water from the well


nt sounding too cliche.......adding few words n sharing experiences of the trek..........away from civilization and modern amenities this trek was an unique opportunity to catch a peek .The experience is overall exhilarating. It din require much climbing experience……..hey n some of us proved it ;….;kudos to all the frst timers. n1 with sound health( exceptions allowed …like .akshat who was unwell) can do the fruitful climb. The bottom line is itz a mind game .Navigating thrugh steep hills u can hear our mentor(akshay) cum mommie say take baby steps……. don let urself get fatigued …………WE HAVE ALMOST REACHED……..CAN U C D FLAG…which I couldn’t figure out almst till the end of trek .alas there v see flag fluttering in the wind .here we heave a sigh of more climbing.......n sigh of joy.....sense of reaching the height

Wise words……….during the .task never get discouraged……………be persistant to attain the goal … the strength to keep ur spirits high ……..b urself………..njoy urself ………….

The attained experience is extremely rewarding and rejuvenating
One wld never know y each one climbed …………….. to‘ attain the sense of height ………….to check the mind power………… spirit …………sense of success………. personals satisfaction ………..simply fun…… just to enjoy……of boredom...chalo kuch karthe hai....kuch kaam nahi......…..
Unless u r a loner .the essence of climbing is team work……………………..…wat say guys….

When it comes to ……. never giving up…we r proud of wat we have done…

Akshay(Tats ME):

I remember repeating this so many times that "Destination for us is
only a point from which we can get back home safely" - Akky but
somewhere in the back of my mind I wanted everyone to make it to the
top and i suceeded(so what if partially). Since most of us were first
timers its always gr8 to reach the summit in your first attempt.

I knew the key to reach Mahuli summit is two-fold first is covering
the initial part of the trek (reaching the base + overcomming those
monotonous steps) and then once you hav your goal (the flag in this
case) in front u woudnt need much motivation from my side.

I remember almost each one(except for Jasmine) of you asking me how
long wud it take NOW and me replying "Not much OR Lets cover this
patch OR There is this interesting valley on the other side OR Now the
steps wud get over OR Hey we are jst getting close OR Can u spot the
Jain Mandiram there see how far we have come so soon (now this was
true... bt u all cudnt see it) OR Its nice and coOL thru the thick
forest isnt it (jst to mak u all feel better) OR briefing you abt the
terrain (u knw it always helps to knw what you are gettin into)". But
i guess all this lies was worth it and hope you realize that its jst a
MIND GAME. Now , once you had you goal in front of you I m sure there
was no reason not to go for it.

Also you all pulling my leg by calling me all sorts of names jst workd
in you favour bcoz you wud get those few secs to think abt pulling my
leg rather that thinking how tired you were. Also, there is a nice
coOL name to call a person lik me on the trek 'Trek Leader' bt gud u
didnt call me with it bcoz it wud be so embarassing as Trek Leaders
are much more experienced than I am.

I must say it was so satisfying for me to do the honours by shouting
the 'Jay Gunj' (do chk the video for it... Sandy told me that its cum
awesome)at the top. Thnks so so much.

I had planned another trek in this week but i cancelled it bcoz this
trek has been so satisfying. I can still recollect every bit of it as
it was jst yesterday.


My or rather our first trek and we all……...well almost all of us completed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s a real gr8 feeling!!! And the icing of the cake was the fact that we 11 school friends were meeting together after a span of 5 year !!!!!! I wish more ppl could make it but maybe sometime…….later…………..

………like the fact tht we all cribbed and cribbed abt the distance tht we had to walk………I agree tht the distance was way too much than any of us expected but the fact remain true that half the time the cribbing was totally unnecessary……………

……………….i have never cribbed in my life so much !!!!!!!!!!!!……….but I thoroughly enjoyed cribbing frm the night before the trek, through the entire trek and till dadar station arrived while returning………..the cribbing started at asangaon station and so did the LIES(Tats for ME)!!!!!!!!!!!!

……………..lies, lies ,lies, lies , wrong facts, more lies abt the time required to reach the base and the top…………and the list is endless…………god !!!!!!!!!!!!
how can someone have the stamina to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hats off to u(Tats ME again) dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

……………….the naming ceremony of our grp leader…………..mommie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

……………….the naming ceremony of the piece of rock which was a mute witness to the arguments and the counter-arguments …………if the trek should continue or not………….

……….spotting the flag and the pic taken with the flag in the background…………….

…………………some screamed because they were scared of wht they saw
some screamed coz they r compulsive screamers
some screamed for fun
some screamed to scare others
some screamed because of the lies
some screamed coz others screamed

…………………or the fact tht mommie was abt to have a big fall [ as a result of skidding on soil or trippin……..god alone knows ] on a piece of flat land as he was busy tryin to imagine mallika sheravat in tanishaa’s clothes and managing to do a “halla re halla re “……………….guys u all missed tht moment too hilarious to pen down……………we were laughin our heads off!!!!!!!!!!!

so many things to mention, yet so little time…………….but all in all a gr8 outing……………

“ The triumph of achievement was worth the effort “

Thursday, December 29, 2005

ScHoOL_FrIeNdS just get CoNnEcTeD

Monday, December 26, 2005

TrEk to Mahuli again

Yup, had been to Mahuli again on the 25th with school friends and had so much FuN...

Will write about it in detail (and i mean it, i do have a good idea... lets see if it materialises)

Check the pics here>

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Yup this semester is officially now over. Our project vivas finally got over.

A Few highlights though:

  • I feel the slides I made jst RoCkD !!!

  • Amiya Sir offered me coffee and I readily accepted it (shameless me !)

  • Amiya Sir rcommended our project as being something new and different (Thnks Sir).

  • Manav started the presentation and after a few slides the external asked for a break and we offcourse agreed. So, Manav did start everything again. (ya and now without any loop holes)

  • Surprisingly, the external was knowledgeable (LoL)

  • The external demanded an Architecture diagram of the project frm all our previous proj grps and they didnt have any clue of it. They tried to divert his attention by showing him all sorts of diagrams bt this guy just insisted on an Architectrue diagram. On the other hand I designed on one diagram in our project which was the Architecture diagram. (( ;-))

  • Convinced him about the implementation details and the rest (was the easiest part)

  • The external said GOOD at the end of our presentation (I wanted to shout Yes! loudly bt I jst let that moment pass... self-control hahaha)

  • Jst did wait for the last two presentations to get over. Good we did bcoz by the last presentation none of the students were there and the external was full throtle screwing the last grp(contrary to belief voh pak gaya hoga)... even the principal joined in. I m sure if we wudnt have been there toh yeh log unko khaa jaate (

Monday, December 19, 2005

MuMbAi oN ThE RuN

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon - 2006 <link>

Navi Mumbai daudega. Lalbaug daudega. Bhailog daudenge. Yeh Chanda bhi daudegi. South Mumbai daudega. Nort Mumbai daudega. Shakuntalaji daudengi. Unki close neighbour Carolene bhi daudegi. Doctor saab daudenge. Merabai bhi daudegi. Sheetal, Geeta aur Kalpana daudegi. Bunty daudega. Essel World daudega. Rickshaw stand daudega. Rickshawala bhi daudega. Bus stop daudega. Cusrow Bagh daudega. Gateway of India daudega. Inspector Shinde daudega. Strand Book Stall daudega. CP daudega. Bacchan Junior daudega. Malbar Hill daudega. Patelbhai daudenge. Yeh ped daudega. Azad Maidan daudega. Jassi, Chandu aur family daudegi. Aap daudenge(?). Main daudoonga(21.097 km). Kyonki ab Mumbai daudegi.

LoL... Inspiration Hutch Delhi Half Marathon - 2006 >

Gurgaon daudega. Moti Bagh daudega. Lalaji daudenge. Yeh bijli bhi daudegi. South Block daudega. North Campus daudega. Pammiji daudengi. Unki close neighbour Loveleen bhi daudengi. Doctor Saab daudenge. Lajjoji bhi daudengi. Sheila, Priya aur Supriya daudegi (the clip shows the old Sheila theatre, well known to Delhiites). Tommy daudega. Asiad Appu bhi daudega (the clip shows an elephant). Rickshaw stand daudega. Rickshawala bhi daudega. Bus stop daudega (the clip shows a deserted bus stop with a lone man waiting). Karol Bagh daudega. India Gate daudega. Inspector Happy daudega. Kitab Ghar daudega. CP daudega. Dabbu Junior daudega. Paharganj daudega. Sharmaji daudenge. Yeh ped daudega. Pragati Maidan daudega. Jasveer, Jolly aur family daudegi. Aap daudenge. Main daudoonga. Kyonki ab Dilli daudegi.

A few statistics... jst 6000 would be taking part in the Half Marathon. I m one of them!!!

Also keep checking Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon - 2006 Blog for my progress!

Are you running??? Lets train together!

Software Engineering

It jst happened again.

Yup once more... u read it right... haaan haan once more.

I still cant believe it!

Its been so unpredictable for all these days... never expected for SE to go well ... LoL... Yaah SE was the paper I least expected to go well OR its jst that all the previous papers were awful... bt
I dont care now its my vacation and i will enjoy it.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mobile Computing

Feels so so good to know that you are the ONE the selected ONE!

Now all you can do is just feel content and become a little wiser.


[An decent unhealthy(LoL.. i mean duality of answers suffered) attempt bt lik all other papers even this had its share of surprises]

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Digital Signal Processing

Again! things went wrong... seroiously wrong. Not in my control.

I m jst tired of writing abt how I(jst being modest) messed up my papers.

Take care

aLLAaaHH HoOooh aKbAr aLLAaaHH ....

cant read the title... ? try again... its a morning call played in mosques on loudspeakers.

it really feels so divine to hear it(well only if you get up early... which i do on the day of my exams... LoL). considering the chilly mornings it just gets better!

i hav DSP today and i seriously hope it goes well

biSsMiLLahH !!!

[the post was made later in the day though i felt lik posting it earlier in the morning]

Saturday, December 10, 2005

MaStEr bLaStEr...!!!

Jst another record... nothing GR8 ( i have my DSP exams on the 18th 13th of this month and our DSP mam would keep on using these words 'Nothing GR8' for anything... and I mean anything at aLL lik... some formula, method or an event ... hm everything. Though I must mention that she taught us pretty well. This doesnt mean that I am well prepared bt jst tat only I wud be to be blamed if things go wrong. She did her job well. I must also add that while she regularly conducted our lectures she was pregnant... now isnt tat GR8??? Just wishing her Luck and Safe Delivery. Keeping with the cricket theme of this post... Riyaz who is doing BDS in Gulbarg once told me that students in his college call a Gynaecologist a WicketKeeper (dnt ask y?).... LoL HaHaHaHA !!!) I just dont care about the records Sachin makes... all I want is to see him playing for India. He is the reason I watch cricket! Can't imagine watching cricket after him. And why imagine such weird things if he continues to play in his current form. Some fuN> Try "Akshay Surve" with the quotes in Google search. You would see a result with 53 runs scored. Well, that me.. and I am so so proud of it... LoL! Don't know how proud I would have if I had 35 centuries with my name... LoL

Good bye for now.

Will go and study..... yah yah I knw... Nothing GR8!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Advanced Miroprocessor

I am afraid of subjects related to Microprocessors (Mup) like COA, Mup and now Advanced Mup. I really am! Its so scary... so so scary. I cant explain. As scary as the film Raat (remembered of this film because it was being shown on cable last night and I didnt have the guts to see it alone. I still remember the bed scene(LoL... i hpe ppl who have seen the movie would figure out.. the rest use ur wicked imagination) in the film which haunted me for months).

Well, not because its difficult for me but just because I can finish the subject from scratch in a day. Can't figure out why? Also, revising just takes hours (around 6hrs). I dont find these figures from any viewpoint normal. Is there anyone on this plannet facing a similar situation.. do let me know! I would atleast feel a little better.

Now, about the paper... Just another classic MU paper filled with lots of expected questions, unequally distributed weightage and a couple of ambigious questions in between and you are in for a ride. Not as exciting as Essel World ones but much worse considering the fact that your future depends on it.

Did manage to attempt a decent total in the end.

BTW i hate the word 'attempt'. Don't know why I included it in my vocab. It plays on your mind so badly that you only think of 'attempting' things rather than answering questions to their merit.

Frnds and their foes plz do remind me what we used to use instead of the word 'attempt' in our school days. I desperately want to remeber it. I am sure there must be some good word to use instead of 'attempt'. Plz,plz,plz...