Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Rumble in the Bronx

Today was Jackie Chan's First Strike ...........(morning show 9-12).It was house full . ya . sold out ! ... everyone had come.
There was enough xctiement around to say the least. But an announcement at thelast moment left everyone in frenzy for wuite sometime.
Ya ppl having less than 70% attendance were not allowed for the submissionsuntill they write 2 papers .... lol .. . ( and as the legendsaid "This is one kind of study ..... " relly its of no use bcozwhoever it is . hes going to copy tat 2 . so make no sense.
Thakur savd my a$$ today .. with his help i touched the magicalfigure of 68.5% after which I got thru after a gruelling VIVA .gurelling not for me bt for Chan himself.... rd thru how ... >>He strtd with all the basic questions . like ASK , PSK and FSK .whn he was approaching the tougher ones .... which I havent even hrdof, an Angel interrupted directly after recovering from maleria . nono after some liver or kidney infection ....... heheh . ya she wasMachali . ( Sneha ) . Ya machli interrupted the VIVAS and spok abtMaleria ..then some kidney or liver infections and then also someKetones . i dnt knw wat it is bt I m sure she was bluffing ( XCEPTFOR mAleriA). She even had Elza to support her frm behind.
Even I joned in later . heheh .....Once her nakhras were over and Chan had passd thru all the emoionalTrauma he concluded the VIVAS with some quests on those waveforms.Everything ended fine .. bt I had stil some role to play.I askd him some quest on the sylabus and the weightage etc. JLT.
Before my VIVAS Chan had Ravi at his table. Though I could only see Ravi's back .. I am sure he was almost crying . ya . he wasnt feelingwell today . and he trid to make Chan full senti .. bt Chan wasdetermined not to falter with all these claims.
All in all he wasted our day for sure.
Rest is fine.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

End of Season

I guess this season has come to an end. Ya u right I mean the techfests have come to an end.

Was under a little preseure while going for ISAAC because this was probably the last festival and that I wanted to continue my winning streak.
Whatever doubts I had about the competition were cleared when the organisers announced the names of the runners up as Vinod and Shiva... bcoz I was almost sure that one of us would win. Even though I liked theri design very much . they were not destined to win.
The competition was tough though and also judges were professionals in their fields. We had Bhooshan again as the judge and two others. Bhooshan recognised me while giving the prize and I reminded him that I was one of the 384 strong Surfunion community that he had referred to in the introductory speech.
I also me Amrita again. She recognised me and was as always very friendly and cool.
Also, Akshat met me at ISAAC.
In all it was a nice experience to end the season on a winning note. Also got a Wireless KBD and optical mouse set. Overall was gr8.

Will study a little of DCOM today.

Performance this sem:

6 colleges

6 wins in Web Ds
1 win in Tech Debate
1 win in S/W Presentation
1 win in Robotics
Many times in Finals especially in C Programing

Plans for next Season:
Paper Presentation
S/W Presentation
Web Ds