Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ReSuLtS r OuT

Yup, they are out ..sorry I am late bt then results didnt excite me this time... not sure why.. bt *may be* its bcoz of GRE

Scored 68%

For the record... I could have done better... mch better (ask me how? LoL... obviously by studying more).. which I will bt next time.

Hey, feel like thanking my BIG BOSS (cousin brother Sushil) who helped me get there... wud have been very difficult without him.

Special thnks to Shweta... even she has a share in this 68% which I scored (and her 65% in which I have a share too :p)

(BTW they dnt read my blogs.. :()

[-end of Acceptance speech-]

Feels like writing a lot on Enginering Examz and Marks ... bt for the time being I keep it to myself till I am out of it.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Before the last minute passes by of the day
I have few things to say

It’s about me
I feel it’s about things I can clearly see

Today for many it was just another day
I know for me it was a special day

Thinking about things that I happened to do
I give each a thought and spare a second or two

With lots of rights and wrongs on the list
I just lie there and quietly assist

Seldom satisfied with the effort I make
I somewhere know the importance of the small steps I take

Judging the distance from my goal
I make sure I don’t miss the whole

So many things that can go wrong
I know it’s bound to happen when the path is long

With hope for things to happen right
I have my eyes set on a distant sight

Again there are things which I happen to completely ignore
I promise myself that tomorrow I will explore

By now the mind wanders like a kid in the park
I go deeper and deeper by each breath in the dark

Dreams are things that don’t easily come to me
I am the one who likes to imagine and see

Later when I open my eyes
I realize outside I have the blue skies

It’s now when I spare a thought and say
I hope I walk the talk today


[need i say... comments awaited!!! ;-)]

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy VaLeNtiNe's DaY

Wishing you....

Happy VaLeNtiNe's DaY...!!!

Yup , I do believe that "Someone somewhere is made for you" ("Kahin na Kahin, koi na koi, har ek ke liye bana hai")... and its jst a matter of time when you tell yourself that she/he is the one for you (and then plz stop your search... LoL!!!).


Sunday, February 12, 2006

WebD @ ReZoNaNcE'06

Yup, had been to Rezonance'06 UMIT college tech-fest primarily for completely different reasons but ended up participationg in the WebD competition bcoz:
  • There was nothing else to do as the robotics event (Ravi had participated here... also i expected many colelge frnds to turn-p for the event lik on the previous day) which was going to be held was delayed.
  • Ravi and I decided to crown one of us the WebD champion...( or wateva tat is) once and for all.

The subject given to us was Game Website... and this > GameVilla is what i made. Its a gaming website specially targetted for kids (or adult kids), very obvious from the whole look. Did a lot of photoshopping esp. for the banner.

So, any guesses wat happend?

[Would write abt it in next post... also would try and desc the whole outing and FuN we had...:p ]


Well, how did i remember of Rezonance'05 (UMIT tech-fest)...?

Its, bcoz today i attended Rezonance'06 and it was FuN lik always!

I still remember during the valedictory function last year(05) the whole audi was filed with girls (imagine.. the stall and balcony filled.. HOUSEFULL) except for the last two rows which was occupied by the DBIT boys.. :d Now, try and imagine the response winners from UMIT would be getting in the audi and so obvously we werent feeling tat good about it... as we(DBITians) had dominated it completely. So, just to feel good of wat we had done, we started giving a huge responce for all of us... giving a standing avation, shouting bosco bosco bosco... don bosco[victory call] (even few boys from other colleges joined us in it (read as Shiva... Vinod's frnd)). Adding to it was a loud boo... and looser...loosers for Karan from AC Patil college who had used unethical ways to defeat Ravi...! We surely showed our vocal chords were functional and better than theatre Digital Dolby with Surround sound systems.

Everyone in ther was shocked... never before have i seen organisers stunned with wat was happening in there. Above all I was then the CSI Chair of my college and very well knew the organising committe of the event and could easily recognise from their looks tat they were frozen.

One more thing... remember I had been to UMIT to conduct a workshop couple of weeks back. Back then I did happen to stumble upon a folder named aks_dbit while helping out one of the participants in theworkshop. It didnt take time for me to realize it was the website I had created for WebD @ ReZoNaNcE'05 a year back.

You can take a look at it here > UMIT by me
Also, do chk out the official website of UMIT here > UMIT official website
Any comments???

[Comming up is WebD @ ReZoNaNcE'06...]

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ubuntu 5.10 (aka Breezy Badger)

Yup, now I am posting from Ubuntu 5.10. Well its not the first time I m on a LInux (read as GNU/Linux) system but i m excited jst bcoz my ISP Pacenet doesnt support Linux and I had to try a few hacks. Finally, I have done it!

For the last few weeks I have been using Linux systems extensively and thus i went this extra mile in getting it done.

Anyone requiring support for Pacenet on linux now know where you can find it!

oki... bbye

well now trying

$ sudo apt-get install GRE-Wordlist <-|

LoL... (guess wat does the above command do? )

Friday, February 10, 2006

3rd cLaSs 3rd @ Colosseum'06


3 events that i was looking forward to...


3rd in Paper Presentation (Web2.0: A Paradigm Shift)
(not sure how many understood... neways wud like to giv it another try again someplace. was 3rd by a narow margin of 0.333)

3rd in Software Presentation (Qikblogger)
(my mistake didnt explain it well... esp that it allows 2 way communication which lagged in the one which came second. also sud get the hang of explainging things in the most complicated way to make them sound magnamus. was just a point behind the leader... it was a tie for the first place)

3rd in Web Designing (Delta Airways)
(was highest considering the scores given by 3 judges individually bt then when the points were averaged of all the four judges i was third (hpw u realize who the spoilsport was)... wat a surprise!!! itz now i realize the power of averaging)


i did participate... something which is very important[very few realize this]...( sounds lik a looser!!! ;-) bt then itz the way i see things ... itz the way is persist.... itz the way i njoy things tooo...

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Colosseum'06 was the inter-college techfest organised in college which had loads of events. Though there were not many students from other colleges, it was competitive and fun.

I participated in the following events:
Web Design
C Programming
S/W Presentation
PAper Presentation
Tech Debate
Was fun competing with ppl you knw...! Esp... whn u knw their weak points. :p

Sunday, February 05, 2006

my iNjUrEd left leg

hm... theres been a lot of speculation about my leg injury and i need to clear the air around it due to a spl request and also bcoz i want to. also wana let everyone knw its not bcoz of the marathon, though both the events are too close and associating both would be teh simplest way out!

Once upon a time i lived in a 700 sq. ft apartment. They were the good old days of glass windows, no sliding doors. Then came a decision of all flat owners to extend two rooms for an additional space ( hungry!). Now, everything sounds just perfect but extending our hall exposed a beam which hangs at around 6.5 ft. I know this doesnt sound so bad but then what one does with the resources at hand is very important. I like kicking that beam. No! its not a stress buster or anger management toy but jst a dare for me. I lik to do it just to ensure i m in good shape. Now this was days after i had recoverd from the marathon and i wantd to just chk whether i was back in shape. So here I was, taking a initial start and deciding to give my 100%, i jumped in air and strechd my left leg as high as i could to reach my goal which i almost did. But on the way up i heard a loud click sound which had something really peculiar about it. Though i have hrd so many click sounds, i knew something had gone wrong. I was a little disappointed that i missed my mark but then it was dinner time and i forgot about it and had my dinnerand slept. Got up early in the morning because of a pulsating pain in my left ankle. Thats it!!!

Did attend college for the next 3 days on acount of the cult-techfest. On wednesday things were so bad that I was at the bus stop in Santacruz (its where i catch the bus to my college from) and had to go to a chemist and ask him for a pain killer. Did attend the next two days of collge with pain killers offcourse...

Sad, coudnt attend the Annuals bcoz the doc told me pain killers is not the way its gonna get alright... giv it rest... so here i m writing this post, giving it rest and wearing a ankle support.