Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Intelligent Systems

I saw the paper and immediately said to myself 'lag-gayi...' LoL. I still cant believe it.. todays paper was just out of 80!

Instructions on the top clearly said..

N.B. :
(1) Q. No 1 is compulsary (,please ignore it!)
(2) (We dare you to) Attempt any four questions of the remaining six questions

Finally, did mange to attempt a repectable total (considering MU engineering standards)

Not the best of starts but i can surely do well

I must say the questions in the paper were 'Intelligent' enough considering the previous year papers.

Comming up is Advanced Microprocessors.

a DaNgErOuS GaMe iS aBoUt tO BeGiN...

Yup... this is the time for which i have been eagerly waiting this long (more than a month now)

All i know is..

iTz my final year

How i perform now is what matters!

Its the last time that I am going to study these subjects. Now and then never.

I should play it coOL when i get the question paper in the hand.

The only thing that matters is what i know and how well i can represent it.

I dont wanna miss this once in a life time opportunity.

Just give it my best shot, leave no excuses!

and Study NOW (..LoL)

Monday, November 28, 2005

CoUnTdOwN still continues...

0 day, 13 hours, 04 minutes, 4 seconds

Sunday, November 27, 2005

CoUnTdOwN continues...

1 day, 11 hours, 24 minutes, 4 seconds

Saturday, November 26, 2005

cAn U SpOt tHe DiFfErEnCe

Somewhere from within I wanted to be there. One reason being, no one from my immediate family has been there. Its always feels good to be there first. Patil Kaka is very close to it(i thought he had made it) but he fell short of it. My brother wanted me to be there. Even my parents did (I guess so... esp my mom).

I still cant believe that i actually made it. Its been a long journey. So long that I have lost track of the phases that i have been through. 'Then' was just a couple of years back. For me the view of the world has changed(as you can see in the picture). I hope its for the good.

I just want to say 'Bhai I made it'. Good wishes to everyone who wanted me to be there.

[For those who (I guess everyone) have no clue, read further.]
Now I m 6 feet tall. Hurraaahhhh!!! The pic 'Then!' is how I would see my cupboard couple of years back (LoL..!!!) The cupboard was and still is more like a benchmark for me ;-)

Friday, November 25, 2005

pLz dRaW a LiNe...

Hi frnds,

would like to knw from you all...

Its a cliche to say that 'plz dont get overconfident!'

So, where can one draw a line between confidence and overconfidence?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

CoUnTdOwN already started...

5 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes, 23 seconds

By the time you read this (actually while i m writing) the counter is ticking and the D-Day (read as Exam Day) is comming closer...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Qikblogger is launched !!!

Finally its launched.....yup! Qikblogger is launched !!!

Do check the Qikblogger Blog for more details.

What's Qikblogger?

Well I m just trying to empower a user who has the right resources to provide a blogging service much like Blogger.com. The service on which you are viewing this blog.
Why like Blogger.com?

Well, because i like Blogger.com and thats it!

W... blah blah blah....!

Now, that enough for today... bcoz i already wasted a lot of time configuiring things. Though do check the Qikblogger blog 20th December onwards for realted Buzz!!!

Please leave your valuable comments and encouraging traces on Qikblogger Blog

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

pLaNs... pLaNs and more pLaNs

Yup, I am a Planner. (For the technically inclined... i m a Continuous Planning Agent)

Planning is one thing that keeps me going on and on... all year round. I make plans for most of the things I wanna do... be it academics, projects, resolutions, outings and wat not.

Some feel that implementing a plan is very very important and rightly so! Whats the use of making plans and not sticking to them. Isn't it Right? My answer would be Yes and No. Yes, because conciously trying to implement your plans is a bare necessity but what is more important is that you keep on monitoring your approach and goals and replanning as and when necessary. Getting to your goals is what your objective should be and planning is just a process and a means. I dont always make plans to follow them but sometimes I jst try and make a plan to initiate a thinking process which i feel is very important.

Why am i discussing all this... ? Well bcoz its exam time and I am ready with my plans ;-) LoL !

Two days into the process and I have already made a few modifications to it! All for the good!
Do you wanna know wat it is ...? OR should I keep it to myself!

Hey, one more plan is in the pipeline. Planning for a trek once again for Mahuli on 18th December but this time with my School_Friends . I am sure its gonna be gr8 FuN. Will keeep you all updated of it.

Planning for me is my thought process, its my lifeline


Sunday, November 13, 2005


Remember this post: am i wrong...

Well now its featured on Barkha's blog:


Theres a lot of confusion regarding this rhyme that I tried to write. Well let me try and make things clearer if not clear.

What I have written is what i feel or more properly said its how I take things and act accordingly. Also, its not written for a particular person but may be triggered by a particular incident. I always played with this question in my mind whether one should tell the other person what you feel about them... may be relatives, frnds, girl friends ;-) etc. Its a dicy situation when it comes to frnds. I mean i believe tat friendships take place. I dont remember myself saying to any of my close frnds that we are best friends. I guess that feeling just seeps in. Do check out wat Pascal has to say... very thoughtful! I do find it appropriate for relatives and gFs though ;-).

Finally, someone did relate to what i think!
I feel like singing Acha lagta hai in the tone of the ClubHP advertisement.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

SaMpLe sAys...

i m sooooooooo dumb
i m mad
i m idiot
i m foolish
i m careless

-- Sample

well this is not about me... and not written by me! its a abt sample and by sample ... ;-)

ViVaS So diFFeReNt yEt sO SoMiLaR

Yup, vivas are over! Would write about them in a couple of days.

The bottom line:

All vivas are same, finally you come out unsatisfied.


Saturday, November 05, 2005

iTZz SMS tiMe !

It is not important that a person takes time out for U from his calendar.
What is important that when you want him to be with you,
he doesnt refer to his calendar.

Got this sometime back in a SMS. Very thoughtful. Now, I have even experienced it first hand both ways... ;-)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

SoMeThInGs... sPeCiAL. about DiWaLi moORNing

Surely Diwali is one festival closest to my heart right from childhood. Previously it was the crackers which excited me more than anything and now its the whole feel which completely enthralls me.

SoMeThInGs... sPeCiAL. about DiWaLi moORNing

its always chilly

the morning bath

smell of utna (a preparation made from grounded coconut)

feel of utna on ur body

feels like a kid when your are in your underwear and mom applies utna to U ... LoL (i also remember my granny doing the honours a couple of times ;-)

marinating yourself for sometime with utna applied everywhere

feel of cold water cleaning everything off

breaking of chirote (some fruit which sybolises the head of Ravana) by your left foot after the bath

the artistic forms created by the seeds of chirote after crushing it under your foot

the divine feeling after the bath

eating the faral which include karanji, anarse, shankarpali, chakali, shivda, ladu (many types)

wishing everyone Happy Diwali (even to U.... A very Happy Diwali)

laxmi pujan in the evening

take care... play safe!

Update: Well, all said and done....! I recieve a call around midnight from someone completely unexpected..Sumesh and he had come down to Sankools place for bursting some crackers. Even though Sankool tried to convince me earlier in the evening but coudn't. It didnt take a lot of time for Sumesh though because by midnight I was just bored of studying so wanted to freak out too. Now, there I was with Sankool, Sumesh and Akshat just freaking out trying everything possible with the available resources(like... lighting rassi bombs in a helmet, cans, road divider and anything else that we could get our hands on) Most of the time I was bursting laxmi bombs by lighting them in my hand and then throwing them in the air. I had almost perfected the art by the time we had to stop. Yah.. finally we did stop at 2:30am but only after intervention from neighbours ;-)

Should I add that we enjoyed...;-)